Berry Mini T C-Cab

Scallop paint and pinstriping

Hey, my friends and fans!! I have been working on this super cool Berry Mini T C cab project this week! It is finished! Lots of silver leaf gilding and lots of 1 Shot Lettering Enamels lines on the scallops! Hot Wheels is alive and heading to car shows to make kids smile!! Just like I am today! Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels!! I want to thank Robert Yonkee of TRAFFIC JAMS SPEED SHOP for allowing me to do this project. And to the owner and my best friend Jim Holly Bolinger for trailing the car from Ohio to Clinton, WI, so I could perform this symphony of lines and designs. Thank you, Matt Loudenbeck, for the donuts and his awesome friendship! If you need anything for your car, bike, or hot rod, contact Bob at TJSS for his comprehensive shop offerings from fabricators to mechanics, body and paint, pinstripes electrical, and full restorations!! Thanks for your support, my friends! Big love, Fat Daddy