Fat Daddy Lines & Designs is an Art/Art Studio/Pinstriper/Designer firm featuring hand painted, pinstriping lines, Gold/Silver leaf gilding work, Cartoons, Fine Art, and everything else that will hold still long enough to be painted! We can custom design your artwork to be unique to your individual ideas. We’ve been practicing hand painted art for almost 30 years and are available for your commissioned artworks from all vehicles to fine wall art. Fat Daddy’s work has been published in a few automotive magazines. We won a 2nd place in a T shirt design contest for 1 Shot Lettering Enamels, the exclusive paint of Fat Daddy studios. We are also proud to be an Official Rat Rink Artist of Ed Roth.

Our motto at Fat Daddy’s is, “If it’s perfect…It ain’t done by Hand”

From Fat Daddy… “I love this craft! I grew up just a few blocks from Chicago’s biggest Hot Rod & Chopper shop, White’s Pit Stop. I was there constantly looking and drooling over the cars and bikes. That’s where my style and love of the art started.
We have sold art around the world. Our styles include my distinctive, Old School Traditional, Hot Rod pinstriping and the beautiful and flowing style of Scroll Pinstriping. We continue to do artwork on bikes, hot rods, and sign work every day.
My passion for art and wanting to give back continues in every part of my life. I am deeply involved in “Krazy Paint – The Charity Panel Jam” as one of the Kore Three that runs this Jam raising money for the Career and Technical School Foundation in North East Ohio. They are a 5013C foundation and all the money we raise goes to help kids with scholarships, grants and supplies. Please check out our website www.krazypaint.org ! I am also involved with the Pinstripe Legends Show in Milwaukee, WI.
Mark Hagstrom standing beside pinstriped 1939 Ford

Krazy Paint

Hot Rod Art for Kid’s Charity
I am actively involved with donating my time and art for 3 days, with all money raised going to a kid’s charity in Cleveland, OH.
Please check out our website for info and updates!! Thank you so much for your generosity! 

Art You Want!

A commissioned or purchased work of art is an investment that pays you back everyday you look at it!